We invite you to embrace the vision of the Transition Leader Network and the Great Transition initiative which is, with others (millions of others), to change the direction of the developed world so that we actually become ecologically sustainable.

This is the imperative of our time. No lesser intent will suffice.

Seeding transformative ideas into mainstream culture through  citizen-led thought leadership is the key to success. This is what Transition Leaders do.

We are in a battle for the future well-being of society and the planet. Success involves inspiring a critical mass of mainstream people to powerfully commit to doing everything it takes to become ecologically sustainable. The needed changes are so profound we speak of whole system change.

How can those of us who care combine forces to affect a critical mass of mainstream society?

The Great Transition initiative – Engaging mainstream commitment to a life-sustaining society outlines  a well thought out design that includes all the steps from high level aspiration to on the ground implementation. It is a multifaceted yet simple approach that need not take an overwhelming amount of any one person or organization’s time.

The good news is that there is a global wave of positive change going on. Paul Hawken described it in Blessed Unrest. We are part of a vast movement involving millions of groups. An apt name for this movement is the Great Transition.

The Great Transition is also an apt name for what our times are about. We are in the midst of a Great Transition to a life-sustaining society. Our purpose as Transition Leaders is to accelerate the Great Transition by seeding transformative ideas into mainstream culture by every means we can.

We hope that you will choose to act as a Transition Leader. Tools to do so are in the TOOLS section above.

You become a Transition Leader by educating yourself – and then acting. 

There are three steps:

  1. Critically review Understanding Whole System Change. It provides a way of making whole system change mentally manageable in a way that supports real-world transformative actions.
  2. Discuss the core concepts with somebody in the Transition Leader Network or with a friend. Simply discussing things helps us connect-the-dots and integrate our understanding.
  3. Download the Tabletop Presentations modules and take a friend through them. The modules are innovative communication tools for conducting personal conversations, presentations and workshops.

Acting as a Transition Leader may provide a way for you to turn your concern about our environmental and social trends into action that is relevant at the crucial level of large-scale social transformation. You can do this even as you continue with your specific environmental and social projects.

The reason you should even consider acting as a Transition Leader is because we are in a race between the forces of ecological destruction and the forces of healthy social transformation, and we are right at the cusp. Which of these forces sets the tone of society matters to all of us. Our personal lives, our organisations, and our businesses cannot succeed in a world that is failing. Therefore we must change the operating character of our whole society.

We think that the key point of change lies in catalysing informed passionate desire for large-scale transformative change.

We have well crafted thought starter tools and a delivery mechanism to enable a critical mass of people to understand that we are in an ecological emergency. These enable people to connect-the-dots for themselves and see that ecological destruction is aggravated by the way our society as a whole operates. They also enable people to see that the continuation of business as usual will disastrously affect them.

On the positive side, we clarify the operating principles of a healthy society, and give examples of how these are already being embedded in society at many levels. Our purpose is to inspire leadership to amplify these trends.

The needed changes for things to have a hope of coming right are so profound that we speak of whole system change, or whole system transformation.

Grasping whole system change takes thinking

Our article Understanding Whole System Change makes whole system change mentally manageable in a way that supports real-world changes.

Transition Leaders are citizen educators.  We enable ordinary people and influential decision-makers to develop a big picture understanding of why large-scale systemic change is needed, and become passionately committed to achieving it.

Links to our thought starter tools are in the ONE STOP SHOP sidebar on the right. We invite you to critically review them. And if they make sense to you, share them with people you know. Our vision is of citizen leadership for change spontaneously emerging, like dandelion seeds spreading across a meadow. Nobody directs them, but they sprout everywhere!

The rest of this page describes how we will take transformational education to scale

We start with the fact that there is a huge wave of healthy change under way already. We describe how personal conversations and workshops can amplify this wave by shifting consciousness. And we describe the Sustainability Surprise Party, a vision of thousands of organisations around the world bringing transformative change to the forefront of the public agenda during the month of May 2014.

Good news

The good news is that around the world there is a spontaneous groundswell of positive change already under way involving millions of organisations. Largely unseen, and not comprehensively reported in the media, it includes businesses, government, civil society and ordinary people. Here is a clip of Paul Hawken telling the folks at Google about it. It’s brilliant!

And recently the heads of major global organisations including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the International Energy Agency and the Organisation for Economic Cooperative Development have all made statements affirming the reality and danger of climate change.

Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, commented, “Unless we take action on climate change, future generations will be roasted, toasted, fried and grilled.”

And here is Jim Yon Kim, President of the World Bank, calling for a global movement including students and artists to deal with climate change.

So it is not just grass roots folks, awareness of the need for change is percolating through society at large.

So we are in the process of evolving an ecologically sustainable socially healthy society. Some call this ‘the Great Transition’.

How might we induce people to think more comprehensively?

Transition Leaders conduct personal conversations that enable people to connect-the-dots and work out for themselves why we need rapid transformative change. This website has several tools to support such transformative conversations.

These conversations might start with a simple invitation to have coffee and spend a bit of time talking about serious things. These conversations are not about proselytising; they are about thinking together.

As an outcome people become mentally and emotionally equipped to support constructive leadership as it emerges, and to exhibit such leadership themselves within their sphere of influence.

Links to tools to conduct transformative conversations are in the ONE STOP SHOP sidebar.

Our goal is ambitious. It is to literally, with others, change the direction of the developed world. Nothing less will do.

We would not dream of undertaking such an audacious goal if we did not foresee the consequences of not doing it. If we succeed future generations will thank us – profoundly.